A Fun and Effective Way to Teach the Alphabet

Ariana, who is in first grade now, is now two full letter grades ahead in reading! She absolutely fell in love with the characters and their songs and gained a strong phonetic foundation, which is serving her very well when encountering new words in the chapter books she is now reading. An excellent and effective system I would highly recommend to anyone with young children!

Mckenna has developed such a joy for reading and, after learning all the songs/characters, has quickly moved to the top reading group in her class. Catchy songs, clever concept, a home run for anyone looking to help their kids advance in early reading!

My 2 yr. old son is completely in love with Alpha Bets You'll Learn Your Letters! He constantly requests to listen to the CD in the car and already knows all his letters and sounds and is even starting to put letters together to form words. An absolute must have for parents of young children!

Music hour with Mr. Jake(Alpha) is our favorite day of the month! Our three year old learns something new every show and surprises us all the time with information he learned(and retained!) at shows. I would highly recommend anyone who gets a chance to do themselves a favor and attend one of these unique and exciting kids shows!