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A fun and interactive way to learn the ABC's. "Alpha Bets You'll Learn Your Letters" contains 26 kids songs, one for each letter of the alphabet! Nashville kids music.

Alpha Bets You’ll Learn Your Letters - Kids Music

Alpha Bets You'll Learn Your Letters

Alpha Bets You’ll Learn Your Letters is a combination of book and music.  Each letter of the alphabet is depicted by a character whose name states both the letter’s name and the sound it makes. It also looks like the letter it represents, giving kids a chance to immediately begin associating the letters appearance with its sound.  Take, for example, Gina the Grumpy Goose. Her name is Gina, she looks like a “G”, and she's a "guh-guh-guh-guh-" grumpy goose.  Each letter also has its own song that will help to strengthen a child's connection between letter and sound.

While using this method, I've witnessed kids gain both a strong phonemic foundation, which allows them to easily transition to putting sounds together to form words, and perhaps more importantly, a true affection for reading.  I've seen this succeed over and over and feel confident saying this can be an extremely effective way for your child to develop reading skills without monotonous flashcards that say "a" is for "apple", or  "x" is for xylophone” - by the way, xylophone makes the "z" sound…